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Posted by Joe Ketchum at Feb 20, 2011 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Click the name listed below to create an email or "spell it out" in your own browser email. 

General questions, comments, feedback, and/or concerns with the Pawling Soccer Club.  -   Mark DelBalzo - delbalzo(dot)soccer(at)gm ail(dot)com

Questions or concerns with soccer registrations or payments.  -  DJ Semenza - djsemenza(at)ya hoo(dot)com

 Questions about the website. -  Kirk Edleman - kedleman(at)hot mail(dot)com


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Posted by Joe Ketchum at Feb 20, 2011 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Pawling Soccer is played at the following locations:

Lakeside Park Fields - The U6, U8, U10, and U12 Recreation Divisions and below U-13 Travel Teams play on the great lawn at Lakeside Park on Lakeside Dr. in Pawling, NY.  The U6 and U8 Teams play near the Youth Center Building in the rear.  The U10 and U12 Recreation Team plays on the two larger fields nearer the main entrance.  Parking is available in the main lot as well as near the Pavilion/Youth Center.

Pawling Middle & High School Fields - Older teams normally play at the Middle and High School Fields at the schools, located on Reservoir Rd. in Pawling, NY.  

Trinity Pawling Fields - No current  divisions play games at the Trinity Pawling Soccer Fields located on Rte. 22 in Pawling, NY. 

Trinity Pawling Parking Rules -

There are certain parking spaces in the parking lot at the top of the fields that are reserved for use ONLY by the residents of the Field House. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE PARKING SPACES, even if the lot is otherwise full. Anyone parking in these spaces risks having their car towed at their own expense.

- Although it is not clearly posted, the speed limit for the Parking Areas is 5 MPH. For the safety of our children, please do not speed in the parking areas!

- When walking from the parking areas to the playing fields, please DO NOT WALK ON THE GRASS AREAS IN FRONT OF THE FIELD HOUSE. This is someone's yard and we need to respect their privacy.

- At no time should anyone EVER park on Route 22 itself.

- At no time should anyone EVER park on the service road that ends at the cul-de-sac adjacent to the football field.

- At no time should anyone EVER park on the grass or fields of Trinity Pawling School.

- Please adhere to all posted rules regarding use of the track adjoining the Field House parking lot if anyone decides to use it. This includes, no pets, bicycles or cleats on the track.

- If the parking lot by the field house is full, you can park in the hockey rink parking lot across the street. (The entrance can be found across the street from the cemetery). To get across Route 22, PLEASE USE THE ELEVATED PEDESTRIAN WALKWAY. We ask that you do not attempt to walk across Route 22 for safety reasons. Once again, please follow all posted instruction in these lots and do not park on the grass or Park in or block the driveway for the house by these parking lots.

- We have been asked not to park in the cemetery next to the playing fields. This is private property and we should honor this request.  

Location, National, and International League websites:

East Hudson Youth Soccer League - Pawling Soccer is a member of this league. 

United States Youth Soccer

United States Soccer Federation 

Federation Internationale De Football Association

Teaching websites: 

Kids First Soccer
Child centered approach to the organization and teaching of youth sports.

English website dedicated to teaching kids "football".

Resource for coaches:  Soccer drills, rules, positions, formations, etc.

Referee websites:

The Watch and the Whistle
Resource for youth referees

Registration website Info:

Coach Users Guide
Guide that provides an overview on how to use the system to directly email your players

The history of soccer…. or football!

The history of football
A website about football history including competitions, teams and players.

Soccer Timeline Past to Present
Soccer Timeline Covering Early Years of Soccer

Short History of the Soccer Cleat
Short History of the Soccer Cleat

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Posted by Joe Ketchum at Feb 13, 2011 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The primary goal of Pawling S.C. is to promote fun and learning in the same setting.   Foremost, we are a "recreational" soccer program with the goal of providing an enjoyable soccer experience to all players and parents involved in the organization. As such, it is intended that:

  1. All players, regardless of ability, be given an equal opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer. 
  2. It is our goal that each player will play and learn most field positions. 
  3. Each player on the team shall play at least one half of each game.

The various recreational divisions are either drafted or set by the board.   As would be expected, every year there are teams that have winning and losing records.  Every year there are games with a large goal differentials.  We encourage coaches on a large goal cushion to use methods in the game such as playing players in new positions, asking the team to make a certain number of passes before shooting, or shooting with the weaker foot.   It encourages growth in skill while not going against the spirit of the game.

 Coaches, parents, fans:  Soccer is a game. A game.  This is not a scholarship recruitment program.  A fair number of youth drop athletics into their teen years because of the pressure applied to them.   It stops becoming fun.   Please consider your actions before, during, and after games.  Parents, remember the covenant signed while your child was registered.  Cheering on you child, team, and opponent is different than trying to direct your player on the field.   It does not encourage the player to think independently, and may go against what the coach is coaching.  The best thing a player can hear is that we enjoyed watching them play, and did they have fun?   Let's build up our community of players to love sport and the lessons it holds.