Posted by Joe Ketchum on Feb 13 2011 at 04:00PM PST

The primary goal of Pawling S.C. is to promote fun and learning in the same setting.   Foremost, we are a "recreational" soccer program with the goal of providing an enjoyable soccer experience to all players and parents involved in the organization. As such, it is intended that:

  1. All players, regardless of ability, be given an equal opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer. 
  2. It is our goal that each player will play and learn most field positions. 
  3. Each player on the team shall play at least one half of each game.

The various recreational divisions are either drafted or set by the board.   As would be expected, every year there are teams that have winning and losing records.  Every year there are games with a large goal differentials.  We encourage coaches on a large goal cushion to use methods in the game such as playing players in new positions, asking the team to make a certain number of passes before shooting, or shooting with the weaker foot.   It encourages growth in skill while not going against the spirit of the game.

 Coaches, parents, fans:  Soccer is a game. A game.  This is not a scholarship recruitment program.  A fair number of youth drop athletics into their teen years because of the pressure applied to them.   It stops becoming fun.   Please consider your actions before, during, and after games.  Parents, remember the covenant signed while your child was registered.  Cheering on you child, team, and opponent is different than trying to direct your player on the field.   It does not encourage the player to think independently, and may go against what the coach is coaching.  The best thing a player can hear is that we enjoyed watching them play, and did they have fun?   Let's build up our community of players to love sport and the lessons it holds.   



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